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be a part of the movement

Fitness is a journey. Your journey. Your path. Your goals. Own the bumps in the road. Embrace the swings you miss. These are your opportunities to succeed. The finish line is paved with perseverance, sweat and desire. Greatness begins and ends with you, so grab a seat and get ready for the ride!

A forty-five minute, rhythm based, full body workout on a bike set to a curated playlist

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We like to think we have made exercise easy! You just need to show up and bring something to sweat in and we have the rest covered.

Your bike, you reserve it in advance. Your shoes, we give them to you upon signing in. A place to drop your stuff, we have lockers with digital locks. Towel to wipe the sweat from your brow, already on your bike. Shower post class? Everything there for you, including another towel. Walk in feeling like a million and walk out feeling like a billion. We have you covered from every aspect!

No need to be scared!
Get here 15 minutes early and everything is taken care of for you.

Our front desk team will sign you in and get you acclimated the studio and the bike. We will ensure you are confident clipping in, and knowing the ins and outs. We believe every individual is on a different fitness journey and we encourage you to listen to yourself, your body and mind, if something is not jiving let our team know and we will jump in and help.

It's always better when using the right gear. We have you covered.

We are different. We require you to wear cycling shoes to ride our bikes. That said, we offer them complimentary for every class and you will be offered them at check-in. Should you want to wear or have your own, we are cool with that, just ensure your shoes are compatible with Shimano SH11 cleats

bespoke's hydration station ensures you're ready to sweat

We are told to drink eight glasses a day and we will help you achieve that goal and more with our hydration station. Fill your bottle pre and post class or take some for the road. Water is on demand at bespoke and should you forget a bottle we do have bottled water at check-in for purchase

Tech Free Zone

No phones in the studio. Take a break... you're here to sweat!

Cross Talk

Talking during class is not cool! You distract others and ruin their vibe.


Clean clothes and pit stick are essential in close quarters, for you and others around you.

Be nice.

We are here for a good time, not a long time, so respect your fellow riders and our awesome staff!

We are family.

We ride as a pack and don't leave others in the dust. If you want to rock out and do your own thing, embrace the back row please.

Be on time.

We live by this rule! Please arrive no later than 5 minutes before class. We understand things happen, but we have to start our classes on time. Should something come up give us a call.

bespoke Ride Schedule


First Ride $18 | 1 Ride $24* | 5 Rides $22* | 10 Rides $20* | 20 rides $15.75*
Unlimited Rides Membership - 1 Month $175+tax , 3 Months $150+ tax (per month)
* prices shown are per credit * Unlimited Memberships signup in-store

Reserve your Ride
Cancellation Policy: bespoke cycle has an 8-hour cancellation policy.
If you cancel your bike 8-hours before your scheduled class, your credit will be returned to you.
If you cancel your bike within our 8-hour cancellation policy, your credit will be lost.

MON 27


6a - Cara

530p - Heather

645p - Alley B 

TUE 28


630a - Kayla

1215p - Kim

30 minute express

530p - Emily

645p - Ashley A

WED 29


6a - Alley B

415p - Jen Q

530p - Hilary

645p - Sylvia

THU 30

630a - Emily

1215p - Jen Q

30 minute express  


530p - Kayla

645p -Ashley D

FRI 31



6a - Ashley A

 415p - Jen Q

530p - Cara

90 minute ride




815a - Alley B 

 930a - Emily

 1045a - Heather





930a - Kayla

1045a - Hilary

6p - Kayla 

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