About bespoke

bespoke is the first boutique indoor cycling studio in NL, founded in 2017. At bespoke the focus is on YOU. It’s all about your ride, your journey and your goals. We do not focus on numbers or metrics, we are for every ONE and every BODY. Whether it’s your first ride or your 200th ride, the moment you walk through our studio doors you become part of our sweat community. We thrive off each other, lifting each other higher at every opportunity, both on and off the bike.

Since we want YOU to get the most out of your ride, we handle the finer details so you do not have to. At bespoke we supply everything you need, but we thought we’d give you the low-down on all that our studio offers.

  1. Shoes. We do things a bit different at bespoke, and our bikes require clip-in shoes. As such we provide complimentary shoes for all riders with each class. However, if you would prefer to use your own shoes our bikes require Shimano SH11 cleats.

  2. Towels. All bikes are waiting for you with clean towels to wipe your mid-class sweat away, and for your after class shower we have larger bath towels too in our change rooms.

  3. Change Rooms. Our men and women’s change rooms are fully equipped with towels, showers, MALIN + GOETZ shampoo, conditioner, and body wash. Razors, dry shampoo, feminine hygiene products, dry blowers, hairspray, deodorant, and hair ties are all provided.

  4. Water bottle refill station. Fill your bottle pre and post class or take some for the road. Water is on demand at bespoke and should you forget a bottle we do have bottles at check-in for purchase. (Note: At bespoke we are doing our best for the environment and cutting down on single-use plastic, we do not sell water for purchase and encourage you bring a bottle for water).

  5. Merch. Want to show YYT your killing the spin game? Rep bespoke merch. We stock a wide variety of both men’s and women’s apparel, from tank tops to hoodies and everything in between. Forgot socks? We have those for purchase too!