Why I Ride: Jillian

“Why Do I Ride? Good question. I honestly didn't know until I started at Bespoke. Let's dial back a bit and talk about the beginning of 2019. My family and I (which consists of my husband and my son who was a year old at the time) decided to make the big move back to Newfoundland from Alberta. Jason is from here and I am from PEI. Realizing that being in a province with absolutely no family support (and truthfully not really knowing anyone) with a young child can be super difficult, we moved back. When we lived in Alberta I went to spin class with some co-workers a few times at two different independent studios. The classes were good, but I more or less DRAGGED myself to them knowing that it was a good way to get out and take care of my body. You see, after I had Jack, I didn't feel like myself, both physically and mentally and in the past exercise always made me feel BETTER. So I said, why not? But it was a chore. It wasn't all that fun and I couldn't pinpoint why.

So I moved home and my best friend, Sarah Hyslop, kept RAVING about this spin studio and how awesome the classes were and the people, "it's called Bespoke". Now, if I am being totally honest, the only reason I tried a free class (thanks Emma!) was because Newfoundland winters SUCK and it was damn near impossible to get out and go for my usual walk. So I thought, why not?

Fast forward to 9 months later and Bespoke has not only become a place I spin, but also a place I work as an Energy Exchanger and like a home of sorts. I came to realize that the reason I didn't enjoy or find the classes in Alberta "fun" was because I didn't feel like a part of anything, more like an outsider because I didn't have the perfect body or the stamina to keep up with some of the classes. The community of riders, Energy Exchangers, instructors and of course Greg and Cara, is one of constant support and it's a place I feel like I can be me (whether that's huffing and puffing during class or helping out getting the studio ready for the day)! I have become so much stronger physically, but most importantly, mentally because whether it is one day or five days a week, in those 45 minutes I get to focus on me and become a better version of myself.

Thanks Bespoke!”

Emma Hyslop