Why I Ride: Cara

Welcome to our first bespoke blog post! This space is where we intend to share the love for our community of riders and our team. Giving you a little behind the scenes of what happens around the studio, stories of those we love, and tips + tricks to help you be the best version of yourself both on and off the bike.

This October we are challenging our community to 20 rides in 31 days and we want to know your story why you ride. It’s been two years since we first opened our doors and we know everyone shows up for their own reasons, and for that we want to share the voices of our community with you. Please do not forget to tell us why you clip-in via Instagram stories so you can be entered to win weekly prizes. To kick off our first ever blog post the founder and creator herself Cara is sharing why she rides.

We hope you enjoy + we will see you on the bike soon!

“I took my first spin class at a little studio in New York City called Soul Cycle in 2008.  The night prior I had eaten my way through the city with good friends and was told I had to attend this class as it was life changing before I left.  For starters, I had no idea how to clip in, was running late, my guts were in knots from all of the food from the previous night, and as my girlfriend was shoving my shoes into the pedals she whispered in my ear that Brooke Shields was on the bike to my right.  I suffered through that class in more ways than one, but those 45 minutes on that bike changed my life.

As I reflect on the last 10 or so years of riding, I have changed why I ride many a time.  It was physical at first, to look good, be the best rider in the room.  Then came the mental.  I set my personal bar at an Olympian level and while I am far from that, I still expect that from myself on a daily basis.  This was and still is my work on the bike and in life.

I grew up never feeling like I was enough so I created a story to never not be enough, hence pushing every aspect of my life and expecting nothing but the best.  This served me quite well in many experiences and not well in others.  Over the last number of years, I have developed debilitating anxiety.  I cannot be in crowds, I fear the worst, I cannot sleep past 2a or 3a every single night and my body is in a constant state of fight or flight.  I say when I teach we all ride for different reasons and I am certainly riding currently to calm my body and mind down so I can get a little closer to who I truly am by letting go of all of the labels and expectations I have put on myself and my life.

 While this is likely as raw and real as most people have seen from me, I have to say that riding brings so much joy to my life!  There are days when I clip in that I want to hide away and shed tears as to what is coming up in my body and mind and I need that type of release and there are other days where I am simply in awe that a stationary bike that appears to be going nowhere, is taking me everywhere I wanted to go!

 Forever riding next to my bespoke community

 / C”

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Emma Hyslop